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Bamboo Airways Pilot Job

Job Description



The Crew Members must at all times during the term of their Assignment Period:

1. Meet all current requirements of the Vietnamese Civil Aviation Authority and the International Civil Aviation Organization to fly the Aircraft as an international and domestic air transport Crew Member.

2. Meet all licensing and medical examination requirements as specified by the Vietnamese Civil Aviation Authority to fly the Aircraft, including being the holder of B787 aircraft type rating and appropriate license, with experience and hours to the satisfaction of the Airline.

3. Meet all standards required by the Airline, all simulator checks including recurrence training and checks, as required by the Airline.

4. Partake in and pass the Airline’s Drug and Alcohol Management Plan requirements.

5. The Crew Members shall meet the following Airline requirements, as applicable:

1/ Instructor

Minimum total experience 8000 hrs

1500 hrs on Boeing wide body airplanes

500 hrs on type

Holding FAA/EASA TRE/TRI license

Last flight after 01/12/2018

Age limit 61 or less

2/ Captain

Minimum total experience 6000 hrs

1500 hrs on Boeing wide body airplanes, 500 hrs on type

If not, minimum 1000 hrs on type

Last flight after 01/12/2018

Age limit 58 or less

3/ First Officer

Minimum total experience 3000 hrs

500 hrs on type

Last flight after 01/12/2018

Age limit 55 or less


Unique opportunity to work within a multi-lingual, international-standard, drama-free environment

Leading market in salary policies

Free Standard Room at FLC Hotels per year: 14 nights for Instructor & Captain, 10 nights for FO

Free Golf course at FLC Golf

Free 14 confirmed round trip air tickets for family members

Compensation Policy: Bamboo will offer a compensation package to qualified candidates as a warm welcome. Terms and conditions are available upon request.

Financing support policy: Low interest rate with credit loan from Bamboo Partnership Banks

Please note that we are not a recruitment agency and only provide information for our pilot community and clients. No liability or warranty for incorrect information. For more information, please contact the airline or staffing agency directly.

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