AirBlue CPT/FO Airbus 320

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AirBlue CPT/FO Airbus 320


A320 FamAirbus


airblue Pilot Job


Educational degree: Bachelors Degree

License: Valid ATPL from CAA Pakistan

Other Requirements: Preference is of type rated and Instructors

Flight hours: Experience: A minimum of 5000 flying hours Grand Total with minimum 1500 hrs on Transport Jet / Turboprop aircraft with a MTOW Cat ‘B’ or higher.

Maximum Age: 57

Medical: Class 1 from CAA Pakistan

First Officer

Educational degree: Bachelors Degree

License: Hold a valid CPL from CAA Pakistan

Flight hours:A minimum of 1500 hrs Grand Total out of which minimum 250 hrs as an Airline Pilot or 250 Hrs P1 on Multi Engine Aircraft. Preference would be given Jet hrs

Maximum Age: 52

Medical: Class 1 from CAA Pakistan

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