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Preliminary Information

Read the following important information before you start the product listing request:


We don’t provide the option to upload product photos on this product listing request. Therefore, please store the information on any cloud drive (e.g. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, We Transfer) and insert the link into the specific fields.


Selling a product comes with being listed as one of our valuable partners. Therefore, don’t forget to apply as a partner if you haven’t already.


The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is a merchant-specific identifier for a product or service, or the product to which the offer refers. The SKU has to be different (unique) for each product variation, e.g. for each subscription length or for each service length. We need an SKU for SEO optimization to display products probably for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! and to make them more visible. If you have not yet defined a SKU for your product, we recommend the following scheme: PPP-CCCNNN-LL

PPP = partner name (e.g. EFT for Easyflight Training)
CCC = product category (e.g. ALA for Airline Assessment)
NNN = product name (e.g. ASG for Air Japan Screening Guide)
LL = product variation (e.g. 1M for 1 month)

Find out more information here.

    Contact Information

    Please enter your contact information for the product you're about to request to be published on Easyflight Training.

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    Partner Listing

    We'd like you to be listed as one of our valuable partners if you aren't already.

    Please don't forget to apply as a partner.

    Product Information

    Remember to choose a future-proof title that matches with other products on Easyflight Training but also corresponds with your future products if you plan any.

    If you'd like to see a new category, please note this in the final comment section. Also, please provide us with more information if you're already familiar with the current category structure and you'd like to create a new sub-category.

    Please provide us with a link to final and high quality product photos. We will then use these photos and transform it into our Easyflight Training brand design. These photos will be used to both create a product logo as well as teaser images.

    Product Details

    Let's talk about some details of your product listing.

    Main Highlights

    These four mandatory highlights will be bullet points at the product description. Each bullet point should not be longer than seven words.


    The short description should include keywords such as the product name and other signal words possible customers would search for. The short description should be min. 100 and max. 160 characters (not words) long (including spaces). It will be displayed at search engines such as Google. It should not include something like "this product contains" as it is obvious that it's a product. It should contain the product name and other, important keywords.

    The long description on the other hand includes all the necessary details for the customer to get a good and transparent impression and idea of your product. For SEO purposes, make sure it contains all the important keywords that customers would look for on search engines. Popular keywords for your texts are "assessment", "preparation", "questions", "pilot", "guide", "screening", "tutorial", "interview", and more. If your product is airline-related, you should state the airline name in front of the keyword, e.g. "Lufthansa assessment" or "Emirates preparation". You may also add the function, e.g. "Lufthansa pilot assessment" or "Emirates pilot preparation". Make sure to also use the product name often in your long description! This description is a global description and not tied to a specific product variation.

    Product Bundle

    If you already have several products listed with us, you can combine them in a bundle. The bundle should normally have a lower price than the sum of the prices of all products included in it.

    Please provide us with the links to the products that are included in this product bundle.

    Product Type & Subscriptions

    An affiliate product is a product that's listed in our shop but you can't purchase it through our shop. Instead, the purchasing process will be through your website/provider (e.g. your own web shop, an app store or another platform). A service product is a product that you offer to the customer as a product with personal, individual service. It might be a simulator training, a preparation course or individual interview preperation. An eBook product will be directly uploaded to Easyflight Training and directly accessed through subscriptions. It's based on a secured, embedded PDF viewer. Digital products like eBooks will be handled as a subscription with a one-time payment and a limited access.

    Digital products will be handled as a subscription with a one-time payment and a limited access.

    Remember to keep the SKU unique for each product variation.

    Remember to keep the SKU unique for each product variation.

    Remember to keep the SKU unique for each product variation.

    Please provide us with a link to your product so we can review it. You may also just send us an extract which represents the average quality of your product. We will not forward this information to anyone outside Easyflight Training.

    Remember to keep the SKU unique for each product variation.

    Remember to keep the SKU unique for each product variation.

    Remember to keep the SKU unique for each product variation.

    Please also specify how many pages your product contains if it's an eBook (digital training document).

    Product FAQs

    This form only asks for the basic aspects for product creation. Other important elements can be found in the Partner Toolkit after you have successfully qualified as a partner. For example, a product can and should contain frequently asked questions (FAQ) for a better SEO optimization as well as high transparency for our customers.


    Please help us to better sell your product by providing us with some more information. Can you identify cross-sell products (similar products, e.g. English vocabularies to German vocabularies) for your product?

    Something else?

    Is there anything else you want to tell us? Then take the chance and add a comment.


    After we have checked the product and our quality requirements are met, a one-time processing fee is set in the final step before the online release. For eBooks this fee is 39.99€. Other product types may vary from this price.

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