Mathematics and Mental Calculation

by Lennart Wörmer

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Highlights & Key Facts

  • Learn fast mental arithmetic (finally)
  • Quick mental calculation of complex tasks
  • 280+ realistic sample tasks for practice
  • Important tips & hints


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What’s in the box?

By purchasing this product, you’ll get two essential modules for mastering mental arithmetic and math to the best of your ability:

  1. Instruction with practical examples, tips and tricks for quickly calculating complicated tasks in your head
  2. More than 280 realistic sample exercises to practice for your assessment

Mental Arithmetic is a core competency!

The calculation of different values is a core competence of pilots – especially in extraordinary situations where no computer-aided help is available. This document provides many tips and tricks for the areas listed below:

Numerical ranges

  • Range between 11×11 and 25×25
  • Ranges between 1×11 and 10×20
  • Square, cubic and bi-square
  • Special numbers

Calculation of numerical ranges

  • Items to calculate and memorize
  • Multiplication by Square Numbers at ±1
  • Multiplication by Square Numbers at ±2
  • Multiplication between 10 and 19
  • Multiplication between 20 and 25 (and up to 29)
  • Multiplier 5

Important tips & hints

  • 75% of a number
  • 40% or 60% of a Number
  • 49% or 51% of a Number
  • Check divisibility by 7 (Prime Number)

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What is the best way to learn mental arithmetic?

We recommend the following approach: Check out our tips and tricks and memorize the procedures. Then get a friend to read the sample exercises to you. You then have to answer them as quickly as possible and your friend checks your result for accuracy. Repeat this process often.
The product includes diverse and carefully worked out and compiled tips and tricks that will make mental arithmetic easier for you. In addition, various number ranges are included including the methods with which you can best calculate them. You also get more than 280 valuable sample tasks.
Yes, more than 280 sample tasks are included in this product for best possible preparation and practice for your assessment.

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