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Simulator Training B737 NG FNPT


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Highlights & Key Facts

  • Certified FNPT II training device
  • Ryanair screening device
  • Same control loading system as in a FFS
  • 100% authentic cockpit environment

Boeing 737 NG FNPT Trainig Device

Easyflight Training wants to give you the best possible training on the best devices with our partner Sim4u. Our Boeing 737 NG simulator is fitted with Boeing’s official Flight Dynamic Model. This model allows for a totally immersive experience for the pilot. The programme is a precise as the Boeing 737-800 as a result of its winglets and CFM56-7B engines. In addition to this, the control loading systems in the Boeing 737 NG is the same as that in full flight simulators. Each of our training courses take place in our Boeing 737 NG simulator. The Boeing 737 NG ensures that you are in the best and most realistic environment throughout your aviation training.

Train for Ryanair Simulator Screening on B737

Ryanair is screening with the exact same FNPT II in Dublin. We are here here to prepare you for your success!

Wet Lease = Including a professional Airline Instructor

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Do you have experience in screening preparations?

Totally yes! We are preparing people for a longt time now. Our success rate is quite high. Approximately 80% pass the screening with our training.
We offer preparation for the most known airlines. Especially Ryanair, Wizz Air, Aerologic, Eurowings and many more.
We have a big pool of available instructors, offering their support.
Yes, all of them fly actively as an airline pilot in various airlines e.g. Ryanair, Eurowing, Aerologic, DHL... We will find the best instructor for your case. You have a Ryanair screening? Our Ryanair pilots will be happy to meet you and prepare you in the simulator!
The FFS ( Full Flight Simulator) is a hydraulically assisted, certified and moving simulator, used as the most professional and realistic simulator device for pilots. The only counterside: It is quite pricey. The FNPT II is certified as well, but is just not moving. Flying characteristics come close to the FFS. The OTD is not certified but offers a good training environment to practise you scanning technique and basic flying skills.
  1. Contact us via the contact button and mention 2-3 preferred dates for your training in Berlin
  2. We will look up the availabilities and try to find the most suitable slot for you and the best instructor for desired position.
  3. If you agree, buy the FNPT product on our website. We will reserve the simulator for 4 days.
  4. AFTER payment is received, your session is fully booked and confirmed.

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15 reviews for Simulator Training B737 NG FNPT

  1. Akin

    I did my 2 Simulator sessions with Ali and was absolutely satisfied. He is a passionate pilot and instructor on a high Level. I passed my Simulator screening through good preparation with easyflightraining and would recommend them to everyone. Best regards Akin

  2. Pablo

    Probably one of the most fun parts about all my aviation trainings. I learned a lot while having lots of fun and that was thanks to my instructor who taught us brilliantly while being patient with us students. The combination of an excellent simulator plus excellent instructors makes this a perfect choice to get valuable knowledge and experience for your future aviation career while enjoying it to the fullest.

  3. Marc

    I had Ali during my training. He’s approach, teaching and methods are brilliant. It was really professional and relaxed. He knows the perfect balance between work and fun. The right words, techniques at the right time. I really recommend him, and I would defenetly go back to him when needed.

  4. Pierre

    I had Ali during my training, he was one of the best trainers I had. He knows how to make us feel comfortable and confident.
    I never saw the hours go by with him. He is very serious and very professional, he knows how to give us the right indications and the keys to succeed in this domain. I highly recommend him.

  5. Florian Geiger

    I learned a lot about work ethics in these sessions, not only in terms of flying but also with regard to etiquette outside the cockpit. I mostly trained with Ali, who I suppose will be dearly missed by any ATO when he is gone flying at his new job. Also, all the FI\’s were top notch instructors who always maintained a constructive environment in which learnig was fun. I can recommend this session to any flight student in a heartbeat.

  6. Rashad Habib

    Ali, an amazing experienced instructor. Very calm and focused when teaching, and determined to do the best for the student. A very cool and funny instructor which teaches a lot. Absolutely recommended. Did learn a lot, thank you Ali.

  7. Matthieu DECLE

    « make it simple and easy » I will remember this phrase Ali said to me during my training for the rest of my career and it changed the way I approached certain situations. In addition to his expertise and aeronautical experience, Ali will give you the keys to the non-technical skills required to make you the pilot of tomorrow. Bravo and thank you to him for what he has brought to me.

  8. Z

    I had the pleasure to attend a simulator session coached by Ali.
    His easygoing approach creates a very pleasant atmosphere prone to learning effectively. He was able to deliver a custom tailored lesson, perfectly identifying my strengths and weaknesses and focusing on what I needed to make the best use of my time in the sim. He pushed me to deliver the best of me and can only be happy about my sim session with him. Highly recommended !

  9. Caroline

    Ali was one of my instructors during my training. He is very professional and able to train realistic scenarios in an simulator environment that reflects genuine airline operations. Ali’s extensive knowledge and coaching approach provides a framework to stretch yourself and improve your own skillset. I would personally recommend Ali as an instructor as he is able to bring together the needs of trainees and fulfil the objectives of the training session in a way that boosts your confidence level.

  10. Teruel Sergio

    Ali is a very cool instructor looking to bring you at the highest level. His competencies and experience was very helpful during my training.

  11. Galliano

    I had a good time during my sim sessions, the instructor was great very knowledgeable and always gave quality tips to get better.
    I highly recommend.

  12. Mathieu

    Got Ali as instructor, I couldn’t expect better than him, he gave me the right inputs at the right moment, making the learning process incredibly efficient. I Highly recommend him for any airline preparation.

  13. Loic

    I did a 4 hours session on the B737-800, thanks to Aslan and his precious advices, I was able to develop my flying skills and gain in confidence. Perfect option if you want to prepare for your assessment, or refresh your knowledge.

  14. Benj

    We had my partner and I, really good sessions with Ali our instructor.
    Professional, accurate and dedicated, he gave us tips and good overall picture of the sim to enhance our time in the sim to build our professional pilot skills with good basics, realy usefull for our assessments!
    I highly recommand!

  15. Laurin Paul Horst

    Ali is a very relaxed and pleasant teacher who knows about his stuff. I have learned a lot from the simulator sessions with him together. Good thing is that he is still serious and has authority so that you feel you need to perform which gives you the positive pressure you need, to train your capacities. Besides that, he doesn‘t forget to play with his humor if it fits

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