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VOR Tracker – IFR Procedure Trainer



Highlights & Key Facts

  • The best IFR training app, now online
  • Boost your IFR skills in no time
  • Finally ace holding patterns and radial interceptions!
  • Be prepared for your assessment / check flight!


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VOR Tracker – IFR Procedure Trainer

VOR Tracker is a small but powerful training tool for pilots. It is the only one of its kind for the smartphones and tablets, providing the real aircraft feel the other apps are missing. It is now available in your browser as well.

VOR Tracker is a real IFR simulation, so you will find no multiple choice questions or yet more methods which might or might not work for you.
You can actually practice IFR procedures in real time, using either a fixed card CDI, RMI, HSI, or EHSI. The EHSI provides additional information like wind, track, and groundspeed.

Practice holding patterns, DME arcs, radial interceptions, and 2 needle tracking in real time. It is practice what it is all about! There is no need for explaining again and again what you already know from flight school. It is about applying your knowledge when the flight instruments start moving!

Chose between a VOR and NDB and get used to the different characteristics. The NDB comes with atmospheric disturbances and an adjustable dip error to match the instrument you are used to.

Don’t waste your time trying to imagine what you would do in the aircraft – just do it!

What VOR Tracker is designed for

VOR Tracker is designed for:

  • Student pilots who have the theoretical knowledge for flying IFR procedures, and want to save money by preparing for their pilot training.
  • Pilots wanting to refresh their IFR navigation skills for an upcoming check ride.
  • Pilots going for an assessment. Holding patterns and radial interceptions are commonly used during sim assessments and can really spoil the day. Being prepared will make the difference!
  • People who have the knowledge of flying IFR procedures and want to give it a try.

Boost your skills with VOR Tracker

Still interested? Read on to find out how VOR Tracker will boost your skills in no time!

  • Choose between a fixed card CDI, RMI, HSI, or EHSI.
  • Use the instruments like you would do in the real aircraft.
  • Use the map mode to verify your progress.
  • Lost? Use the help function to display the holding pattern entries in the map mode.
  • Things are going a bit too fast? Use the freeze mode to orientate.
  • Getting bored in straight flight? Use the fast mode.
  • You want to start over or change the aircraft’s position or heading? Just drag & drop, or twist the aircraft symbol.
  • Practice a particular holding pattern or radial interception exercise over and over again from new, random starting positions using the reposition button.
  • Start with no wind and increase the difficulty later on by adding wind.
  • Getting settled? Why not increase the aircraft’s speed in the settings menu?
  • Customize your own missions and adjust the wind the way you want.
  • Use the hidden wind function to add a realistic challenge.
  • Analyze your progress in the map mode. Rewind and start over. The previous track lines will still be displayed for you to see the difference.

Prepare yourself without wasting expensive flight time – use VOR Tracker to brush up your IFR skills!

VOR Tracker is the most efficient trainer for holding patterns and radial interceptions available on the app stores and now in your browser as well!

Supporting you during your IFR training, it will pay for itself in no time. Take that as a promise!

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Computer-Based Training

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1 Month


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The app is quite pricy, why is that?

If you compare the app to a shiny, high end gaming app, which will be downloaded millions of times, it certainly seems that way. VOR Tracker targets a niche market, and constantly improving it is costly. If you think about it as an investment towards your career, however, it is a real bargain and might be one of the best financial decisions during your training. It WILL save you plenty of flight time, it really is that simple.
You will not practice with the ATIS wind, but have to use the rule of thumb “direction +30°/speed*2” to calculate  the wind at 3000 ft.
You do not have to try to turn, but after tapping swipe left or right. You can use the whole screen, there is no need to stay close to the selector after tapping it.
It is shown in the tutorial: While adjusting the CDI or heading bug, + and – are displayed on the top left and ride side of the instrument. Tap there to adjust in increments of 1°.
Different methods are taught and acceptable, and most of the times there is more than one way to do it right. Presenting a solution might even be misleading, and it will be obvious whether you have done well or should give it some more practice.
This is especially true for inbound interceptions when you are approaching from the other side and have to pass the VOR/NDB first. It will probably never happen in real life, but practicing those as well will greatly enhance your skills and give you even more confidence.
We certainly are! Please contact us.

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VOR Tracker – IFR Procedure Trainer

VOR Tracker is an IFR procedure trainer for smartphones and tablets that mainly focuses on providing an efficient way to practice holding patterns and radial interceptions. While rarely needed in real life anymore, those procedures are still used when it matters most: during check flights and simulator assessments. While student pilots might get away with passing an IFR check with a bit of luck, you do not want to make a job opportunity a guessing game. Instead, you want to have confidence in your skills, and regarding navigation and interpreting the needles, training with VOR Tracker will give you just that! Instead of coming up with yet more methods which might or might not work for you, you can do what is really needed: practice those procedures with moving instruments in real time. No need to set up a particular holding pattern (of course you can), just open the app and start flying. Within a matter of days, if not hours, your skills will dramatically improve until they become second nature - that is our promise! Until now, VOR Tracker has only been available as a one time purchase in the app stores. Working together with EFT, we can now offer a subscription for our newly developed browser app.

3 reviews for VOR Tracker – IFR Procedure Trainer

  1. David

    Absolute MUST to pass your IR test! Very well made app, highly recommended!

  2. Tim the pilot

    Great to prepare for assessments where holdings or interceptions need to be flown – highly recommendable!

  3. Aviation Freak

    Awesome product! I have used it already for a few months on my iPhone. I am happy that now a web version is available! Highly recommended for preparation and assessments for pilots.

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