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How can I create an account on Easyflight Training?

You can create your personal account during checkout process or by navigating to the account page.

How can I reset my password?

That’s possible through your account settings or by our password reset function.

Products & Shopping Experience

Why do I need an account for purchasing products?

We offer various products like personal training (on-site) and personalized, digital content. For accessing digital content securely, an account including subscriptions is mandatory. Therefore, you have to create an account when shopping with us.

Where can I find more FAQs for specific products?

Each product has a FAQ section with individual questions and answers. Simply navigate to a product. If you have any product-specific question that’s not part of the FAQs yet, please ask the question directly at the FAQ section of the product. Then, we’ll add your question to the FAQs that everyone can benefit from it.

Purchase & Payment

Why can’t I add more than one item of its kind to the shopping cart?

This is a decision that we have taken for the protection of the buyers and is particularly aimed at digital content (subscriptions). In the case of subscriptions, the buyer is granted access to the digital content immediately after the verified payment (the start date is always the date of verification of the payment). To prevent the buyer from paying twice for the same content with the same usage time, we have implemented this rule in the store.

Which payment methods does Easyflight Training support?

Major payment options are supported, such as PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Giropay, Klarna Sofort, SEPA and Direct Bank Transfer. Please have a look at the checkout process as we’re frequently adding support for new payment methods. If there is no option that fits for you, feel free to contact us.

How can I access my invoice?

Simply download your invoice from your account. Otherwise, you should have received it by email with the “order completed” email. In case you want us to re-send it by email, simply get in touch with us and provide us with your specific order number.

How long does it take to verify my payment?

That depends on your payment method. With Direct Bank Transfer, it may take up to three business days. With automated payments such as Credit/Debit Card or PayPal, it should regularly be a matter of seconds. Please get in touch with us if you think that something went wrong.

Digital Content & Subscriptions

How can I purchase a subscription?

Simply purchase a product with digital content. A subscription will be added to your account which allows you to view your individually purchased products.

How are accounts linked to subscriptions?

Your account can contain one or many subscriptions. A subscription will be added to your account when buying digital content.

Where can I view my subscriptions?

You can do that in your account.

How can I access digital content?

Digital content will be accessible through your account which you use for purchasing products. Navigate to the subscriptions area and view the content.

eBooks & Learning Materials

The eBook keeps saying “Loading…” and I can’t view the content.

Due to high quality content and, therefore, large content sizes, the digital content might need a moment to load. If it won’t, please refresh the page and try again. Clean your web browser’s cache for the specific page with Strg/Ctrl + F5 on Windows or CMD + R on macOS. Please also deactivate and/or uninstall any extensions from your web browser that may prevent the digital training document to load.

Some eBook pages are blank or not shown.

We do our best to provide you a safe and reliable eBook system. If pages are not shown, please get in touch with us to help us fix the problem. Additionally, please try to use another device, such as a Windows PC instead of an iPad.

The full screen mode is jerky.

Please give our systems a few seconds to display the content probably. It might take a few seconds. Possible extensions of your web browser might also have an impact to the performance.

Fonts look frayed.

Please adjust the zoom level (usually a larger zoom) to optimize the rendering or try a different web browser.

Feedback Collections

What is a feedback collection?

A feedback collection is a collection of authentic pilot feedback about certain airline assessments with valuable hints and information.

How can I get access to the feedback collections?

Feedback collections are part of certain products that are airline-related. Please have a look at the product details of each product.

When I leave feedback, will my comments be anonymous?

Yes. It will be anonymous to the public. Your name is always displayed anonymously. More information are displayed at each feedback collection.

VOR Tracker Integration

How does the integration of VOR Tracker with Easyflight Training work?

We have integrated our services. They’re connected. Your credentials from Easyflight Training will be shared and synced securely with VOR Tracker and without us being able to see your credentials (they keep being encrypted). With this technique, you can login at VOR Tracker without another account.

Does Single Sign On (SSO) work?

Yes, it does, which means that you can login to Easyflight Training and don’t have to login to VOR Tracker again. If it doesn’t, please make sure that your browser’s cookie policy is set up in a way that cookies are allowed to be used and shared on both VOR Tracker and Easyflight Training.

How about data privacy with VOR Tracker integration?

We got you covered. Please read our terms and conditions.

Partner with us

How can I apply for becoming a partner?

Please fill out the registration form and get in touch with us to apply as a partner. As a partner, you can sell products through Easyflight Training. For more information about the process, please navigate to the partner benefits.

Can I sell my products on Easyflight Training?

Selling products through Easyflight Training is possible for partners. You have to apply as a partner first as we’re focused on high quality products and services. However, you can always submit a product listing request so we can get a first impression of your product and collect all required data already. For more information about the process, please navigate to the partner benefits.

How can I submit a product listing?

When applying for a partner, we need to check the quality and further information and details of your products. Therefore, we ask you to send us a product listing request so we can get a first impression of your product and collect all required data already. For more information about the process, please navigate to the partner benefits.

Can I track my sales as a partner?

Yes, absolutely, you can and we’re proud of this functionality! You will have access to your a partner dashboard (dashboard for our partners) after a successful application.

How do I get paid as a partner?

Details will be part of our contract.

What’s the commission?

There will be a commission for Easyflight Training for listing products and maintaining the shop. Individual details will be part of our contract.

Where do I find the partner dashboard?

Once you’re a partner, a new menu item will appear when logged in with a partner account.

Can I request a sales discount price for my products?

Yes, as a partner, you can request that for a certain period of time. All the information can be found in the “Partner Toolkit” subscription that you’ll be part of as a partner.

Help & Customer Service

How can I contact Easyflight Training?

Feel free to use our contact form. We’ll then get back to you as soon as possible.

I’m not happy with my purchase.

We’re truly sorry to hear that as customer satisfaction is at our highest priority. Before leaving a low rating, please feel free to contact us including your order id so we can find a solution.

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