Aviation-related preparation and guidance material for your upcoming ATPL exams or Airline Assessment.

  • General ATPL Question Guide

    From 39.99 inc. VAT
    • Ultimate 800 ATPL questions for Airline Assessments
    • Perfect support for e.g. IP BQ or Aerologic testing
    • Question abstracts are representing all 12 ATPL subjects
    • Multiple choice with one correct answer true to airline assessment schemes
  • VOR Tracker – IFR Procedure Trainer

    • The best IFR training app, now online
    • Boost your IFR skills in no time
    • Finally ace holding patterns and radial interceptions!
    • Be prepared for your assessment / check flight!
  • Radio Navigation Theory Manual

    From 19.99 inc. VAT
    • Quick reference theoretical guide for Radio Navigation
    • Covers all major Radio Navigation topics
    • Includes practical section containing formulas and techniques for basic IFR flying
    • Lots of easy to understand illustrations