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As both of us are having our eyes in the clouds since our early days, there was always that one big goal: turning our hobby into a career. Both grown up close to the biggest airport in Germany and flown in the same flying club, we quickly started to appreciate one another’s passion for aviation. Having graduated from flight school recently, we still know how we felt about the sheer amount of information that we had to learn and remember. While having created a lot of “Study Papers” during our training, we now decided to take it one step up with our QUICKREF series, which is not only intended for flight students, but for anyone who would like to refresh his memory about certain topics in flying. Being able to work with likeminded people like Martin and Ali is a great opportunity for us and we are certain that Easyflight Training will help a lot of colleagues accomplish their dreams.

Tayfun Demirel & Philip Ulbrich

  • Radio Navigation Theory Manual

    From 19.99 inc. VAT
    • Quick reference theoretical guide for Radio Navigation
    • Covers all major Radio Navigation topics
    • Includes practical section containing formulas and techniques for basic IFR flying
    • Lots of easy to understand illustrations