Radio Navigation Theory Manual


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  • Quick reference theoretical guide for Radio Navigation
  • Covers all major Radio Navigation topics
  • Includes practical section containing formulas and techniques for basic IFR flying
  • Lots of easy to understand illustrations

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Radio Navigation for Pilots

For most of us ATPL testing was one of the first milestones we have achieved throughout our pilot career. We have acquired an immense amount of knowledge, but to keep proficient we either have to read through long manuals or dig deep into the 15000+ question database on a regular basis, which can be very time consuming as we all know.

Practice Radio Navigation Theory

If you wish to regain your currency in theoretical knowledge, while not having the time or nerves to sum up everything by yourself, then this Radio Navigation Theory Manual might be for you. The Manual covers every single topic of the Radio Navigation theoretical examination, scaled down to a small amount of pages including lots of straightforward illustrations plus a practical part with formulas and techniques for basic IFR flying.

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Can I use this manual in order to prepare myself for my theoretical examination?

Of course you can! Just bear in mind that this document focuses more on refreshing certain topics rather than teaching them from the ground up.
While this manual focuses mostly on theoretical knowledge, it also has a practical section at the end which contains a lot of useful formulas and rule of thumbs!
While repetition is always a great technique to memorize things, this booklet and it's illustrations are all easy to read and comprehend in order to minimize time consumption!

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