Pilot Assessment Guide Excerpt


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  • Excerpt from the Pilot Assessment Guide
  • How a professional pilot should be
  • How to conduct a briefing on a jet aircraft
  • Briefing examples for all phases of flight


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Life as a Pilot

Welcome to the most important steps after your flight school time. Remember your first solo flight or first gusty approaches? The amazing overwhelming feelings during tough landings and the proudness, after a smooth landing exactly into the touchdown zone. Now imagine this feeling… having it almost every day, for the next 40 years! You made a great choice!

There is just one step left. The last, but biggest and hardest obstacle to overcome, which is the airline assessment. Many student pilots struggle during assessments, failing in worst case and have to wait for years for another chance. In this industry chances are particularly rare, unfortunately.

Pilot Assessment Preparation

What you are able to control is to be prepared as best as you can and excel your assessment. This will get your foot into one of those beautiful aircraft you are dreaming of.
Thinking: This was all worth it. It was hard work, but worth it.
Today is the first step towards this special day!

Pilot Assessment Guide

By buying this Pilot Assessment Guide Excerpt you already made the right step towards success. Asking for help and gathering information are the foundation for your future pilot career.

We will talk in detail about how a professional pilot should be and what the airlines are looking for in the first section. The last section is all about briefings. How to conduct them, when and what to focus on. Additionally giving you examples for Take off, Approach, Airwork and Holding briefings.

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