English Tenses


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Highlights & Key Facts

  • Timeline with an overview of all tenses
  • Explanations of each tense
  • Aviation-related examples for motivation
  • Coverage of all tenses


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English for Pilots

Prepare professionally for an English assessment in your pilot assessment or train for ICAO/EASA Language Proficiency! This training document provides an important foundation for understanding all English tenses and identifying when to use them. It provides multiple, aviation-related examples per time.

English Tenses

Purchasing this product gives you access to the following training units for English tenses:

  • Present Simple
  • Present Simple Continuous/Progressive
  • Past Simple
  • Past Simple Continuous/Progressive
  • Present Perfect
  • Present Perfect Continuous/Progressive
  • Past Perfect
  • Past Perfect Continuous/Progressive
  • Future I
  • Future I Continuous/Progressive
  • Future II
  • Future II Continuous/Progressive

English Tenses Exercises

Each English Time is arranged in a table to provide an overview and summary of English Tenses. This product also comes with English tenses exercises to practice English tenses. We have set up specific questions for you to answer in order to learn English tenses even better.

Additionally, a timeline for English tenses is a part of this product to show you an overview of when to use which English tense.

Prepare for English in Pilot Assessments

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1 Month, 3 Months




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What is included in the English Tenses product?

The product includes important English Tenses training units as well as a timeline. The product comes with aviation-related examples.
Again, the golden rule is that if you want to learn something, you have to repeat it. Speak in English at your work or with friends. Call acquaintances abroad. Pay special attention to the tenses you use and correct yourself immediately - at least internally - if you make a mistake.

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