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English Grammar


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Highlights & Key Facts

  • Coverage of the most common and important English Grammar rules
  • Straightforward, simple and easy to learn
  • Rules and No-Gos included
  • Examples with aviation reference


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English for Pilots

English is the core language in international aviation. Therefore, it is of elementary importance that all pilots – regardless of their origin and hierarchical level – can communicate fluently. This also applies to air traffic controllers and other parties involved.

Quickly check your English grammar skills and professionally prepare for your next English grammar assessment in your pilot Assessment or ICAO/EASA Language Proficiency! With this product, you get a overview and summary of English grammar.

English Grammar

This digital training document includes the following English Grammar training units:

  • Adjectives and Adverbs
  • If-Clauses
  • Direct Speech & Reported Speech
  • Auxiliary Verbs
  • Question Tags
  • Expression -ing
  • Infinitive
  • Let vs. Have Something Done
  • Prepositions

English Grammar Excercises

*Coming soon*
This product also comes with English grammar exercises to practice English grammar. We have set up specific questions for you to answer in order to learn English grammar even better.

Prepare for English in Pilot Assessments

With our English Grammar product you get the opportunity to bring your aviation English up to date and to prepare yourself optimally for airline assessments with tricky English questions. Also check out our English Tenses product or buy the bundle at a discounted price.

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What is included in the English Grammar product?

This product contains all the important learning content for English grammar, such as adjectives, if-clauses, infinitives and prepositions. Included are examples that are based on aviation and motivate learning.
The English Grammar product does not include English Tenses.
We recommend the following procedure: Memorize the English grammar rules by carefully reading the document. For each rule, you should also think of your own examples that fit into your personal life. In addition, it has proven useful to record particularly difficult sections (you read it to your smartphone recording app). In doing so, you automatically explain the content to yourself and get through it automatically. Afterwards, you can listen to your recordings and read through our training document in parallel - perfect for visual and auditory learning types! We humans also learn particularly well when we memorize content before going to bed.

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  1. Felix

    Great content. The product helpd me a lot to prepare for my assessment as it covers all relevant English grammar parts. I like that the sample questions and all the grammar theory is related to aviation. That motivates people to learn. However, if a few more sample questions could be added (in addition to the theory), that would be appreciated.

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