Become a part of our network. Our network and rach. Your sales.

We ❤️ Aviation

Behind Easyflight Training (EFT) are two active airline pilots from major european carriers. We are both very active in training and therefore wanted to pool our resources and offer our fellow pilots a website or store with high quality products around the topic of training and assessment preparation/coaching. We have put together a team of pilots, marketing and IT experts to take care of every need.


Secure eBook reader as part of the platform


For various third party products available

Training & Assessment

As core elements for Easyflight Training

Customer First

We make customers happy with highest quality producs

Our Network, Your Sales

We work in a large network with pilots, airlines, freelancers and product providers. This helps to bring us all closer together and offer products broadly. At the same time, we are very active on our social media channels and place a high value on a professional and modern image as well as the products we offer. In addition, we work hard to position all products as high as possible in the search engines.

Professional Pilots

Running the platform with their aviation expertise


For what we do – every second and for every customer

Professional Marketing

For your products through various measures

Large Network

Of potential customers and partners around the globe

Partnership with Easyflight Training

The satisfaction of our partners is extremely important to us. Therefore, we have taken numerous measures to settle our cooperation. We are 100% transparent and offer you a dashboard of all sales figures and commissions. We offer you IT support and numerous tools and guidelines to help you market your products even better. In addition, you get your own affiliate profile and a store that includes your products.

Partner Dashboard

Sales and commission reports, fully transparent

Partner Toolkit

Individual tips and tricks how to boost your sales

Commission Payments

Based on your sales and our individual contract

Optimization for You

We optimize your product and make it widely visible

Getting Started

Are you not a partner yet? Then take the chance and follow the steps below. We are looking forward to your application and products!

Product Listing Request

At the beginning you send us all important information about your product in a product listing request. We will then check it according to our quality standards. Once that has happened, a small fee (from 39€) will be applied to place the product on Easyflight Training due to creation of marketing materials (CI) and administration work.

Apply as a Partner

Apply to become a partner of Easyflight Training. We’ve made the product listing request so you can apply within one process. As soon as we receive your application, we will work out a contract, in which among other things the commission payments will be specified. After that, you can create a profile and view your sales through the Partner Dashboard.

Publish & Optimization

Congratulations, your product has been published with our marketing materials and SEO optimizations! 🎉

Now it’s up to you to continuously update the product. At the same time, you should not lose sight of the important tips from our Partner Toolkit to generate even more sales and to place your product in search engines in the best possible way.

Get Paid

After your first sales, it’s time to invoice Easyflight Training to get paid. You will be paid according to your individual contract. The commission is automatically and fully transparent displayed in your dashboard. Let’s grow together! 💷

Questions & Answers

Where can I find more information about a possible partnership?

Please have a look at our FAQ section.

I would like to proceed. Can I have a chat or phone call with you?

Sure, we’d love to hear from you! Simply drop us a message and we’ll reply sooner than you expect.

How much commission will I get?

That depends on the product type, price and our individual contact. We make individual agreements.

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