Physics and Technical Comprehension


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Highlights & Key Facts

  • 13 chapters of physics and technology
  • Extends your common knowledge
  • Prepares you for your next pilot assessment
  • Contents underlined with expressive drawings


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Physics and Technical Comprehension for Pilot Assessments

This digital training document (eBook) helps you to understand key topics all around mathematics, physics, technology, aviation materials and many more. It’s a must have for a proper preparation for your assessment center.

Physics and Technical Comprehension

Purchase this eBook now and gain common knowledge about these essential topics:

  • General Knowledge
  • Units and Conversion
  • Identify Prime Numbers
  • Technology & Physics
  • Aviation
  • Materials and Air
  • Pendulum
  • Series and Parallel Connections
  • Energy and Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Optics: Waves and Light
  • Optics: Concave and Convex Lenses
  • Sine, Cosine, Tangent and Cotangent

What makes our product special?

The product is unique because it is tailored to pilots and covers the topics that are not part of your general knowledge. Many contents are underlined with expressive drawings by our own. With Physics and Technical Comprehension you have a much better chance of passing your next pilot assessment.

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What are the chapters in this eBook?

The eBook on physics and technical understanding covers the most common topics for assessment centers for pilots.
Our content is optimized for good learning. For your motivation, we have integrated content in many places that relate to your everyday pilot life.
This eBook is primarily intended for internalizing content. It includes a few sample exercises for individual topics, but no question catalog.

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