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General ATPL Guide

by Easyflight Training

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Highlights & Key Facts

  • Ultimate 800 ATPL questions for Airline Assessments
  • Perfect support for e.g. IP BQ or Aerologic testing
  • Question abstracts are representing all 12 ATPL subjects
  • Multiple choice with one correct answer true to airline assessment schemes


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For most of us, the ATPL testing has been a while ago or we just simply took the test and tent to forget everything the minute we left the building hoping we never had to do this again. But in reality we will stumble across ATPL tests over and over again when applying for new jobs. This ATPL Question Guide will help you stay up to date. You do not have time and the ambition to study 15.000 questions all over again? Than this guide is the perfect help for you. The ATPL Question Guide includes 800 carefully selected questions from all 12 ATPL subjects which are most commonly to be asked about in airline assessments. Especially for those pilots who wish to refresh their memory and do not wish to start studying when they are invited for a specific airline, we recommend this document. For specific airline assessment, we do have tailored ATPL Question Guides available.

The questions are all handpicked from numerous self-experienced assessments with various airlines as well as selected from feedbacks from a pool of experienced pilots who have been assessment candidates themselves. Become your very best, excel your assessment and get a new cockpit job – we help you with this goal!

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How many subjects does this product contain?

It contains 12 ATPL subjects.

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1 review for General ATPL Guide

  1. Philipulbrich

    Absolute must have for anyone preparing for an airline assessment! The guide consists of 800 carefully chosen questions from the official EASA databank that focus on the most important topics of ATPL. During my last assessment which consisted of 80 general ATPL questions, at least half of those were either exactly or very closely represented in this document. I simply wouldn’t have been able to go through all of the 16000+ questions in time.

    All in all a highly suitable and efficient tool for assessment preparation.
    Thank you Easyflight Training!

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