Hints for Cube Folding

by PAA Aviation

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Highlights & Key Facts

  • essential hints how to move cube sides and blocks without imagination
  • moving, tilting and rotating
  • easy to remember and globally applicable
  • including sample tasks with detailed explanations


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Cube Folding in Pilot Assessments

Cube folding is a popular test in numerous assessments for pilots and other professional groups. The goal is to identify one of many cube patterns to form a composite cube. For identification, the cube patterns have to be spatially modified in such a way that it can be determined whether it fits.

Hints for Cube Folding

This product includes valuable tips and tricks to make cube folding faster and more accurate. Different methods for moving, tilting and rotating single or multiple sides of individual cube patterns are shown. In addition, fixed example tasks give you a feeling for the further pitfalls of this test and how a test might look like in an assessment.

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1 Month, 3 Months


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What is included in the Hints for Cube Folding eBook?

The document / product includes the most important hints and tips for cube folding.
For starters, you can get a cube ready to train with.
Yes, it includes examples that you can use to train a variety of scenarios and possible solutions.

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