Fun Flight B737 NG


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Highlights & Key Facts

  • Original Boeing 737 NG cockpit with 180° panoramic view
  • Over 20,000 destination airports worldwide
  • Real instructing pilot in uniform
  • Be a captain for one day!

Flight Simulator Berlin

We are the original in the heart of Berlin – since 2008!

Only at Flight Simulator Berlin: Original Boeing cockpit and flight experienced pilots at your side!

Check In and Take-Off with Flightsimulator Berlin

Only at the flight simulator Berlin you sit in an original Boeing Cockpit. It flew worldwide for renowned airlines for many decades until it landed in Berlin for the last time in 2008. Enjoy the unique service of being introduced to flying in our original cockpit by a real pilot. Ask us
your questions! Take off and fly to your dream destination.

Original Cockpit with 180° Panoramic View

In the Flight Simulator Berlin, you take off together with friends, colleagues or guests and fly to one (or more) of over 20,000 destination airports worldwide. In our original Boeing cockpit with 737-700 NG simulator, you will experience authentically what it is like as a pilot to take off, keep in the air and then land a large passenger aircraft. The original cockpit and the 180° all-round view, which is amazingly true to reality, give you the feeling right from the start.

Even before take-off, the Flight Simulator Berlin crew of flight-tested pilots and experienced cabin crew in uniform will be waiting for you. You first take a seat on our original aircraft seats and allow yourself to be pampered with drinks (also popular with us: tomato juice with salt and pepper), small snacks (or, depending on the fare, with delicacies from a buffet or high-quality gourmet creations). Of course, we serve everything from stylish aircraft trolleys.

In the subsequent briefing, our real pilots will prepare you for your flight in the original Boeing 737-700 NG simulator. How far we go into the technical side of things depends on your individual knowledge and wishes. We accompany both beginners and professionals “into the air”. As a pilot for one day, you will sit on the left-hand side on the captain’s side – a change of the pilot role is always possible during the booked time. The experienced real pilot of the Flight Simulator Berlin crew sits next to you as co-pilot and helps you with tips, tricks and hints to master the Boeing 737-700 NG.

Flight Simulator Berlin Fares – Cheap and Open for Extras

You can get a take-off permit for the Flight Simulator Berlin for as little as 149 € (1h in Economy Class). Included in the price is the flight in the original Boeing cockpit with 737-700 NG simulator together with 2 accompanying persons, a briefing beforehand, professional supervision by an experienced real pilot (in uniform), drinks service and some nerve food.

Economy Class

After the flight you will receive a great certificate on which, among other things, the flight routes flown are listed. In “Economy Class”, the original flight simulator Berlin Simulator is available to you for a total of 1 hour 15 minutes (1h Simulator and 15min Briefing).

Business Class

You get more time, namely 2 hours 45 minutes in total (Simulator + Briefing), with a “Business Class” booking. Instead of nerve food, we will then serve you and your companion a sweet or savoury minisnack and a sparkling wine to toast.

First Class

With a First Class ticket, you check into our flight simulator for a full 4 hours total (Simulator + Briefing). For the toast, we serve champagne and serve you with delicacies from a First Class menu. As a farewell gift, you will receive the obligatory flight certificate and a souvenir photo (can be added to other fares). In all fares we offer the booking of an additional flight hour for an additional charge.

Availability of Fun Flight on Boeing 737

Please keep in mind that bookings have to be paid in advance. The reservation process starts after payment receipt. We recommend to book in good time before your desired date, because the Instructing Pilots have to be arranged in conjunction with the availabilities of the sim.

Hope to welcome you on board!

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Economy (1h), Business (2:45h), First Class (4h)


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Is the cockpit real?

Yes, with us you fly in a real Boeing cockpit, whose shell and interior are taken from a real flown aircraft. With us you have real metal in your hands and no plastic replicas.
Yes, every guest is supervised by a real pilot with the corresponding flying experience. We do not have PC hobby pilots, as is the case with other simulators.
The ticket is valid for three years.
Access to the shop is barrier-free, but the entrance to the actual simulator is via three small steps. The toilet is unfortunately only accessible via stairs.
We offer over 20,000 airports, many of them faithfully reproduced.
A total of three people can participate in the event at no extra charge, i.e. the actual guest + two companions of their choice.
With us you will be looked after individually, of course by real pilots! We cater exactly to your needs, you don't have to subordinate yourself to the wishes of an entire group.
Flight Simulator Berlin is the only provider to offer triple Full-HD beamer technology on an approximately 180-degree all-round view. With the additional edge smoothing, you experience a unique image projection with a total resolution of 5760 x 1080 pixels. In short: a perfect picture.
Yes, we can set any time, season or weather for you, including fog, storm, ice or even clear visibility in sunshine.
No, you can wear comfortable clothing and preferably sturdy shoes to safely operate the original rudder controls.

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Flugsimulator Berlin – Das Original Profile Picture

Flugsimulator Berlin – Das Original

Flight Simulator Berlin has been offering flights in a real cockpit to people interested in flying and pilots since 2008. With our Boeing 737 you can perform both fun flights or for screening preparations professional procedures. We accompany both beginners and professionals "in the air". At the Flight Simulator Berlin only real pilots work, so there is always a professional supervision. In addition, we also offer workshops and events (eg birthdays, corporate events) in the fun sector.


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