Simulator Training B737 NG OTD


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Highlights & Key Facts

  • Training in an authentic 737-800 NG cockpit
  • High cost saving in comparison to FNPT or FFS
  • Flight control force feedback on a professional level
  • Other Training Device (OTD)

Airline Screening Preparation on Boeing 737 NG

Are you planning to change to a Boeing 737NG cockpit or are you expecting a screening on the 737? We offer you a familiarization with the Boeing 737 cockpit prior to the actual screening / type rating in a customer-friendly, cost-effective training environment.

Your Personalized Training

Would you like to train specific procedures with us?

With us you can train any approach procedure such as ILS, VOR/DME, NDB/DME at your leisure, always at the side of a professional pilot. You have a choice of thousands of airports with all approach and departure procedures incl. SID/STAR/Transition at your disposal. Our instructor station allows us to simulate any weather and error situation.

A small selection of our system depth and evocable malfunctions:

  • Air Conditioning: Rapid decompression, Pack overheat & controller fault…
  • Electrical System: IDG failure, TR faults…
  • Fire Protection: Engine failure, Engine & APU fire, Engine overheat…
  • Fuel & Hydraulics: Fuel pumps INOP, Pump overheat…

Following the training flights, an evaluation of the flown procedures takes place by our professional pilot. Thus, you will receive optimal and qualified feedback.

Simulator Training B737 NG OTD

Instructing Pilot will be a Pilot from the Flugsimulator Berlin crew.

Briefing time 15 min, simulator time 1h-2h.

Please keep in mind that bookings have to be paid in advance. The reservation process starts after payment receipt. We recommend to book in good time before your screening, because the Instructing Pilots have to be arranged in conjunction with the availabilities of the sim.

Reminder: This is not a certified training device. Service provided by Flugsimulator Berlin.

Hope to welcome you on board!

Flugsimulator Berlin – Das Original

Flugsimulator Berlin – Das Original

Flight Simulator Berlin has been offering flights in a real cockpit to people interested in flying and pilots since 2008. With our Boeing 737 you can perform both fun flights or for screening preparations professional procedures. We accompany both beginners and professionals "in the air". At the Flight Simulator Berlin only real pilots work, so there is always a professional supervision. In addition, we also offer workshops and events (eg birthdays, corporate events) in the fun sector.

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Service Length

1 Hour, 2 Hours


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Is the cockpit real?

Yes, with us you fly in a real Boeing cockpit, whose shell and interior are taken from a real flown aircraft. With us you have real metal in your hands and no plastic replicas.
Instructor Pilot will be one of the Flugsimulator Berlin Crew, who is experienced enough to give you support on a basic level. The aim here is more the practical flying exercise.
The ticket is valid for three years.
Access to the shop is barrier-free, but the entrance to the actual simulator is via three small steps. The toilet is unfortunately only accessible via stairs.
We offer over 20,000 airports, many of them faithfully reproduced.
A total of three people can participate in the event at no extra charge, i.e. the actual guest + two companions of their choice.
With us you will be looked after individually, of course by real pilots! We cater exactly to your needs, you don't have to subordinate yourself to the wishes of an entire group.
Flight Simulator Berlin is the only provider to offer triple Full-HD beamer technology on an approximately 180-degree all-round view. With the additional edge smoothing, you experience a unique image projection with a total resolution of 5760 x 1080 pixels. In short: a perfect picture.
Yes, we can set any time, season or weather for you, including fog, storm, ice or even clear visibility in sunshine.
No, you can wear comfortable clothing and preferably sturdy shoes to safely operate the original rudder controls.

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