MCC – Multi Crew Cooperation



Highlights & Key Facts

  • 25h Theoretical Training
  • 20h Simulator Training
  • 10 Days
  • Location: Lufthansa Aviation Training

Booking Information

Please contact us after your purchase, quoting the order number, to arrange an appointment.

One of the most important parts of becoming a successful and reliable pilot is your knowledge of everything that surrounds you in the cockpit. Being able to act and react to a situation is fundament in your flying ability. SKY4u has created a Multi-Crew Coordination (MCC) course that will help you perfect your leadership, decision-making and teamwork abilities in the cockpit. The course will work through a number of aspects of cockpit management. You will have 25 hours of theory in our ground school and 20 hours of practical sessions in our Boeing 737 NG simulator.

MCC is an essential part of the initial pilot training and commercial aviation experience.

Focus is on learning and showing skills in leadership, teamwork, decision-making and communication. We take you to a higher level in your ability to act as a reliable, safety oriented and confident crew member, we created an airline oriented MCC course which contains more than the standard, giving you an extra boost of confidence and airmanship.

EFT Special Offer!

  • 1 free EFT Guide of your choice
  • 1 CV Review from our professional airline recruiter 30% discounted
  • VOR Tracker trial for 5 days

Please look in the FAQs, where you can find further information and the SOPs on how to get these great Benefits!

Course Device: B737 NG SIMULATOR

SKY4u wants to give you the best possible training on the best devices. Our Boeing 737 NG simulator is fitted with Boeing’s official Flight Dynamic Model. This model allows for a totally immersive experience for the pilot. The programme is a precise as the Boeing 737-800 as a result of its winglets and CFM56-7B engines. In addition to this, the control loading systems in the Boeing 737 NG is the same as that in full flight simulators. Each of our training courses take place in our Boeing 737 NG simulator. Whether it is our APS-MCC, NGC, JOC or SIP courses, each takes place in our real Boeing 737 NG simulator. The Boeing 737 NG ensures that you are in the best and most realistic environment throughout your aviation training.

Our Simulator is EASA approved!

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EFT Special Offer- How do I get it?

  1. Use the contact button, select MCC.
  2. Send us your message regarding further information about the MCC Course+ mention that you are coming from the EFT website.
  3. Our Partner will contact you and support you in all possible means.
  4. Book the course with our partner.
  5. Finalize the contract with our partner.
  6. Payment fee is received from our partner and confirmed.
  7. Our partner sends us a confirmation mail about your attendance.
  8. Create an Account on the EFT website.
  9. Send us a mail, which EFT Guide you would like to have for free (1 month subscription)
  10. We will send the whole EFT Special Offer package to your account (1 free EFT Guide+ CV Review Discount ( valid for 2 months+ VOR Tracker trial period 3 days)
Important Info: This procedure is only valid, if first contact has been established via the EFT webiste.  If you have contacted our partner SKY4u alreday on different means, the EFT Special Offer is not valid.

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