Air Japan ATPL Question Guide

by Mamak Aviation

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Kon’nichiwa, Dōmo arigatō, Okaerinasai…

Welcome to the country of the rising sun, to the country of respect, politeness and centuries of tradition – welcome to Japan. Are you ready for a lifetime adventure? Flying a brand-new Boeing 787 around the world combined with a great contract and superb commuting options?

If you are, keep reading!

Japanese society is famous for being polite, humble and kind but also hard working and formal at times. The assessment process to join the ranks of the ANA pilots – group is tough. Perhaps one of the toughest selections in civil aviation there is these days. The simulator part especially is probably as hard as it can get. Many applicants underestimate the challenge they are facing and miss out on a great opportunity. That is the reason why we created this document – from pilots, for pilots. To support your preparation and to drastically increase your chances for a successful outcome. With this in-depth study guide that is built around firsthand information; you will set yourself apart from other, less prepared candidates. We encourage you in these industry wide rough times, to go the extra mile – with us.

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In this ATPL Guide we will cover the 93 most commonly asked questions in The Air Japan ATPL assessment phase plus in-depth answers to all of these questions. As we know that just reading words is boring, and Pilots are more of a visual type, we included many illustrations to make it even easier for you, to totally understand the topic and perform on a very high level. 

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