Study Successfully for Your Assessment

The golden rule for successful learning consists of two components: First, you must repeat content, over and over again. Second, you should learn using the methods that suit you best – each person must find his or her own individual mode. With this article, we will show you proven methods that you can use to learn in the best possible way as an individual person.

In addition to concrete aids to learning, as this article shows, we recommend that you continually motivate yourself. If you want to become a pilot, go to the airport and check out the operation. Watch videos on the Internet, such as professional documentaries about life as a pilot. Or, if you’re already a pilot, remember your best moments, like your solo, exciting landings, or great stops in other cities.

Penetrate the content

The first, obvious step in your learning process is to sift through the learning content. Go through different chapters and sections and understand connections. Read through instructions – gladly also from different sources, in order to look at different points of view (for this we offer the possibility to make your individual contents available to us). After you have penetrated the structures and recognized conditions, links and synergies, you can proceed to the next step.

Repeat learning contents

The golden rule for successful learning is continuous repetition of learning content. As hard as it sounds, this is what you have to go through to achieve your dream. A good prerequisite is learning content that is already modular, as you will find with us. Otherwise, we recommend you to break down your learning content to be able to achieve more small learning successes in the meantime. In addition, we recommend that you reduce the learning content to information that is not yet present to you. This way you don’t have to look at familiar learning content anymore, but can fully concentrate on what you haven’t learned yet – a feature we offer you with our learning content.

Use your senses

Use all available senses to learn. From our experience, this is the biggest lever you can use to increase your learning. Every person learns differently. Try learning not only visually, but also through audio. We recommend recording specific questions and topics, such as through a recorder app on your smartphone or through a video. The most important thing is that you should explain the learning content as early as the recording stage. You can watch and listen to the recording below.

Rather explain than read

Don’t just read through content silently. Connect it with emotions, for example, catchy memories, similar-sounding words or abbreviations that you can also create yourself. Explain the content as you go through and learn it – as if you were explaining it to an audience. Talk about your topics with friends and family or the pilot community and share ideas. The more you break away from traditional learning (reading the content), the better you can memorize the content.

Master the Assessment

You’ve learned everything and you’re going to the assessment? Congratulations! Now you just have to call up what you’ve learned intensively over the last few days and weeks. The important thing is: Don’t drive yourself crazy and don’t let other candidates’ statements drive you crazy. If you have prepared yourself well, you don’t need to worry. You have done everything you could do. Short-term learning successes can no longer be achieved in the rules and unsettle more than they help. Stay calm and remember emotions and other mnemonic devices that can be associated with the learning content. We wish you good luck and would be happy about a positive review of our products – including a little surprise from us.

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